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What is Upliv?

We’re a menopause health tech start-up providing customized, all-around care. NYC-based startup studio Aegis Ventures teamed up with Northwell health—New York’s largest healthcare system—to create Upliv.

Upliv equips and empowers patients with clinical tools and guidance to make informed decisions about their health. And our approach extends beyond the status quo, providing medical and wellness care from an interdisciplinary team—menopause experts (doctors and nurse practitioners) and certified health coaches. By treating both your menopause symptoms and associated lifestyle changes, we enhance your health overall and deliver substantial results.

Is my health data protected from my employer?

Yes, Upliv firmly believes in patients’ right to privacy. We’re fully HIPAA compliant and do not share any individualized or personally-identifying data with any external party.

Where is Upliv available?

Upliv currently supports members in the New York metropolitan area and we’re working on rapidly expanding our geographic reach.

How much does Upliv cost?

Upliv is offered as an employee benefit, meaning that your employer covers the full cost of your membership. Any in-person services or prescriptions that you decide upon with your menopause expert will be subject to copays and coinsurance as outlined in your health plan. Whenever possible, Upliv medical staff will prescribe covered medications and provide in-network referrals to labs and providers.

Will Upliv replace my yearly visit to the gynecologist?

Upliv is not meant to replace your annual gynecological appointment, but complements your in-person care with higher frequency appointments and health coach support. At your request, Upliv is glad to collaborate with any in-person provider you have an established relationship with.

Does Upliv prescribe medication?

Yes, Upliv clinicians are able to prescribe medications. But our care model is not one size fits all. Our menopause experts meet you where you are—together, you’ll review your symptoms and concerns, and collaboratively build the treatment plan right for you. If medication is the right next step, your menopause expert can prescribe it and adjust it as needed.

Does Upliv accept insurance?

Upliv does not currently accept insurance. We partner directly with employers to deliver menopause treatments and support.

How should I prepare for my first Upliv appointment?

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve chosen Upliv to support your menopause care journey.

First, sign into your member portal. You’ll find an appointment guide with instructions and tips to get ready for your consultation. And be sure to spend some time thinking about the symptoms or changes you’d like to discuss with your medical and health experts.

What should I expect from my first Upliv appointment?

You’ll first meet with your menopause expert—a doctor or nurse practitioner specializing in menopause. Together, you’ll discuss a number of topics and start building your care plan. 

You can expect to:

  • Learn about the Upliv Care Journey
  • Talk through your goals for menopause
  • Review your Menopause Experience Survey
  • Go over any pertinent medical and social history
  • Assess your menopause symptoms and general health
  • Consider treatment plan options—lifestyle adjustments and/or prescriptions
  • Outline general menopause and preventative care best practices
  • Discuss the role of health coaching in your care plan

Your menopause expert may:

  • Order lab panels and follow-up via Upliv’s digital platform
  • Send prescriptions to your local pharmacy
  • Provide referrals for other specialties or diagnostics
  • Send visit notes and any relevant records to other patient providers

Next you’ll meet with your health coach, during which you’ll review and build on the treatment plan you established with your menopause expert.

You can expect to discuss:

  • Wellness habits
  • Work-related stressors, like burnout and productivity issues
  • Changes to your personal life, like in your relationships or identity
  • Nutritional and fitness needs or changes in appetite
  • Mood and mental health (you’ll discuss an assessment completed prior to the appointment)

With your concerns and goals now summarized—both medical and holistic—you’ll identify three objectives to track over the following 90 days. These goals should be SMART (an acronym we love in healthcare): specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. You and your health coach will talk through and decide on the appropriate progress markers for each objective, ensuring that your care plan is effective, you stay on track, and you see tangible results.

Who are my Upliv clinicians and how are they trained?

Your Upliv menopause expert is a board-certified medical doctor or nurse practitioner who’s been trained according to NAMS (North America Menopause Society) guidelines. Your Upliv health coach is a nationally board-certified wellness professional with a whole-person health focus. 

Unlike other menopause digital health companies and traditional healthcare, Upliv’s integrated care model encompasses both lifestyle and medical management. With evidence-based treatments and our whole-person focus, we offer a much higher degree of customized support for our patients.

Can I see my Upliv clinician for an in-person exam?

Not at this time. Upliv currently offers a telehealth-only service for our members.

How can I cancel my appointment?

Log in to your member portal to cancel or make changes to your appointments.

Is there a fee for appointment cancellations?

Upliv does not charge a fee for canceled appointments. But we do ask members to be respectful of our medical and wellness teams’ time and cancel or reschedule appointments as far in advance as possible.

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