Menopause care as smart, unique, and devoted as you are.

Get back to what you love with targeted care and whole-body wellness.

Upliv Benefits

Multi-faceted menopause care designed for you. We meet you where you are with science-backed treatments, health guidance and education, and social support—all on an easy-to-use telehealth platform.

Menopause Expert Clinical Care

Consult with our medical team of doctors and nurse practitioners, all with extensive menopause expertise.

Health Coaching

Discuss and treat any lifestyle changes—such as emotional or metabolic differences—with our Board-Certified health coaches.

Supportive Community

Join Upliv’s patient forum to share your experience, hear from others, and foster community connection during menopause.

Reliable Resources

Access Upliv’s menopause guides, resources, and experts to inform your treatment and optimize your health.

Efficient Access

Reach your care team whenever you need, from wherever you might be. Upliv’s streamlined messaging system connects you to your menopause expert, health coach, and dedicated patient partner for any questions or updates.

Why Upliv?

We created Upliv to fill that gap: educating and empowering our members to lead healthy, joyful lives—through their transition and beyond.


of OBGYN programs provide any kind of menopause training, leaving many medical professionals unprepared to treat midlife patients.

"There isn't a platform like this. This is unique and felt so personalized."

Annie S., Early Adopter

"I loved the accountability that the health coaching helped me create - this is a huge value add to my menopause care."

Cam T., Early Adopter

"Upliv uplifts women and creates a place for them to gather and share their experiences. And Upliv has amazing providers who help guide you through it all."

Shana L., Early Adopter

"The Upliv care team is very helpful in helping me set short-term achievable goals that I can build on to later. And they always take my personal lifestyle into account."

Lola M., Early Adopter

We’re starting something new at Upliv.

With our whole-person focus, interdisciplinary team, and user-friendly digital platform, we deliver tailored care for tangible symptom relief and improved overall health.

Upliv is honest.

We’re true to ourselves, our patients, and the science. We employ medical and health coaching experts to treat your symptoms comprehensively, addressing both menopause-specific issues and associated lifestyle changes.

At Upliv, we invite you to the conversation.

With evidence-based education, patient-reported symptom scoring, and curated treatment options, you are an active participant in building your care plan.

upliv app screen example
upliv app screen examples

And if things change...

(because don’t they always), your menopause expert, health coach, and patient partner are just a few clicks away.

At Upliv, we specialize in peace of mind.

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Menopause: Navigating a New Life Stage

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Upliv is committed to providing personalized, professional, and flexible care. We designed our telehealth platform to give you the best virtual healthcare experience possible with a streamlined interface, a robust library of information, and virtual, self-schedule appointments.

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