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Why Upliv?

Why Upliv?Why Upliv?

We’re building a new kind of healthcare, tailored to you.

Upliv’s vision for menopause care is one that honors patients, embraces your differences, and delivers custom-made treatments for tangible relief. We’re a community of doctors, nurses, health coaches, and support staff looking to change the way menopause is treated and viewed—both in the medical community and society as a whole. We believe that our expertise, whole-person treatments, and telehealth platform can transform menopause care.

We’re changing the narrative.

We’re surrounded by the idea that menopause is an ending—that it’s a bad word—and it simply isn’t. Like any other phase of life, there are changes, new experiences, ups and downs; but we come out the other side stronger. Our mission at Upliv is to bring joy and intention to menopause. With targeted medical care, a holistic outlook, and a community of like-minded individuals, we’re rewriting the narrative.

And we started with the data.

In partnership with Northwell Health—New York’s largest healthcare provider—we surveyed over 900 people who were in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause. 80% of those patients sought support and symptom relief from their doctors. But according to a Johns Hopkins survey of OBGYN programs, 80% of medical residents said they “barely feel comfortable” treating menopause. Clearly, something needs to change. 74% of menopausal patients experience hot flashes, 61% report sleep issues and weight gain, and 49% feel fatigue. We can no longer treat menopause as a bad word, as if it’s off-limits in conversation. There’s room for improvement in how we view and experience menopause, and Upliv is taking it on.

Most importantly, everything we do is based on science.

We pursue the best health outcomes for our patients using sound methods, validated research, and robust clinical expertise. We believe that the only way to truly address a need is to fully understand it, and we designed Upliv to do exactly that—evaluating patients’ overall experience, then providing clinical advice and evidence-based treatments suited to each person’s unique needs. And as care models and methodologies evolve, so will Upliv. We’re committed to constantly assessing, iterating, and improving our care approach to best serve our members.

We see our patients as whole people worthy of empathy and respect.

We recognize that you’re the foremost expert on your body and symptoms, so—unlike status quo healthcare—we invite you to the conversation, listen to your concerns, and present treatment options. Though our menopause experts provide guidance, Upliv members ultimately determine the course of their individual care journey. And because there’s no magic pill for instant wellness (we wish), we take a holistic view of our members, fusing medical care and health coaching to achieve tangible symptom relief and improved overall health.

Our telehealth platform provides easy access, information, and support.

Gone are the days of waiting weeks to see your clinician (and anxiously browsing WebMD). Upliv’s digital portal keeps patients in touch with their care team, offers education on all facets of menopause, and connects you with other Upliv members. We’re not in the business of gate-keeping. We value your time and intelligence with helpful and accessible resources to suit your real life.

Upliv’s integrated teams care for all of you.

We train our board-certified clinicians in NAMS (North America Menopause Society) guidelines, ensuring our patients get the best, science-backed care. And Upliv’s certified health coaches build upon treatment plans, bringing their expertise to any lifestyle changes you may encounter—emotional, metabolic, sexual, or otherwise. A designated patient partner rounds out your care team, providing logistical support and seamless contact.

And our involvement doesn’t end with your care plan.

Upliv’s year-long program includes a detailed onboarding process, consultations with a menopause expert and health coach, and a treatment plan to achieve patient goals. But our care model continues far beyond that—regular follow-up visits and check-ins track patient progress, allow for adjustments, and tackle any new concerns. Our goal is to care for our patients throughout their transition, not just at one moment in time.

Reframe your menopause journey.

It’s not an ending, but an opportunity. Upliv is changing how we treat menopause and—perhaps more importantly—menopausal patients. Discover effective, custom treatments, elevated health, and joy in your transition.

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