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What Is Health Coaching?

What Is Health Coaching?What Is Health Coaching?

What is health coaching and why is it important? 

Health coaching is a collaborative, non-judgmental process that helps our members build healthy habits. We recognize that your well-being goes beyond symptoms or medications—your lifestyle and daily routines have a lot to do with how you feel. That’s why Upliv works with Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coaches to help inform and guide your transition beyond the purely medical. Members work with Health Coaches on a variety of topics, like creating a consistent sleep schedule, improving nutrition, managing time and stress, or prioritizing self-care. 

Your overall health is an important aspect of your transition. After all, menopause can impact every major system of the body. Because of its wide reach, we feel that a whole-person approach is the best way to treat menopause. Health coaching considers every aspect of your experience—mood, sleep, sex, nutrition, and more—to bring you relief and enhanced well-being. 

How can health coaching benefit me during menopause?

Your Upliv Health Coach will help you navigate your menopausal journey and maximize your all-around health. Menopause is a new stage—your habits and lifestyle from earlier chapters of life may not feel right anymore. And as you experience the (at times, unpredictable) symptoms and changes of menopause, some outside expertise can be helpful in quickly identifying issues and working to resolve them. Or perhaps you know the changes you’d like to make, but aren’t sure how to get started. Upliv Health Coaches give members the opportunity to talk through, make sense of, and take action on these sorts of issues.

What is Upliv’s philosophy to health coaching?

Upliv integrates health coaching to ensure members have every resource available to them to improve their transition. We acknowledge that our members know their own bodies, situations, and values better than anyone else. Health Coaches foster a non-judgmental, supportive space—they may make suggestions, but you are always in charge of your own health.

How does the Upliv Health Coaching program work? 

Health Coaches meet with patients regularly to check in, and work collaboratively with your team to build a cohesive and effective care plan.  After establishing your care plan with your Menopause Expert, you’ll fill out our Coaching Update Form and schedule your first session with your Health Coach. At that first session, you’ll review your concerns and goals—adding detail to your care plan around sleep, nutrition, fitness, and more. Over your yearlong membership, you’ll have frequent sessions with your Health Coach to review your progress and update your goals.

Before your first session with your Health Coach, take a few moments to consider the following:

  • What’s most important to you right now regarding your health and well-being?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your obstacles and challenges?

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